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Recovering Millions for Accident Victims and Injured Workers

As a personal injury firm in Dallas, Texas for the last twenty years, my firm has helped accident victims and injured workers recover millions of dollars for their pain, suffering and lost wages. Let me review your case for free so I can help protect your rights and get all the money your family deserves.

100% Focused On Contingency Personal Injury Cases

The Law Offices of Adrian Crane will never send you a bill for legal consultation. In fact, we work on contingency. That means you never pay us any fees unless we are able to recover a monetary award for you. No risk. No Out-of-pocket cost. A free, no obligation initial consultation at a time and place that is convenient for you.

Peer Reviewed Personal Injury Representation

One of the unique advantage of hiring the Law Offices of Adrian Crane is that all of our clients are represented by two attorneys at no additional cost. We do this because every attorney has different talents, skills and fields of interests so it is extremely important your case doesn’t rest on the legal opinion of a single attorney.

We Aggressively Pursue Personal Injury Cases

Most Personal Injury lawyers shift into “wait and see” mode the moment they sign you up. The Law Offices of Adrian Crane does things very different. When we commit to taking on your case you can be confident it will get the attention it deserves by lawyers with years of experience in Texas Personal Injury law.

A Dallas personal injury attorney who will actually return your calls

It’s no secret that personal injury attorneys are extremely competitive. Most are too busy hunting for their next big case so they forget about that one case that matters most…. yours!

Dallas Personal Injury attorney Adrian Crane believes a few cases with great results speak louder than hundreds of  slow moving cases in legal limbo. More importantly, Adrian’s more selective, personal approach to personal injury legal representation often leads to better outcomes.

A Dallas personal injury lawyer with a personal touch

Personal Injury attorney Adrian Crane has always been a hands-on kind of lawyer. In fact, his personal mobile number and email address are on every client agreement. That’s because Adrian believes being accessible to his clients is just as important as big payouts in achieving high client satisfaction.

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